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IT Support Services

If you are looking for an IT support service with a difference in the West Midlands, then PC Support Midlands is the one-stop-shop for everything you need in the name of support. Whether you are having problems with your server, laptop, computer or even tablet, drop us a message via our quick chat in the bottom right corner of your screen, or give us a call and we will provide a consultation free of charge.   Remember, it doesn't matter whether it’s work or play, PC Support Midlands have a reputation of offering some of the fastest and most reliable IT support around, so what are you waiting for?

Remote Support

If there is one lesson we have learned from our customers over the years; it’s this. When it comes to IT support, the best service will be the one that can fix the problem the fastest.   PC Support Midlands use some of the most innovative solutions when it comes to remote support, by doing this, we make sure we are always one step ahead when it comes to getting you the remote support you deserve.

On-Site Support

While nearly all support can be carried out remotely, there's nothing quite like the personal touch. At PC Support Midlands, IT Support is our focus so we don't treat on site visits as a last resort like so many other companies. We will come one site to carry out work whenever it makes more sense than to resolve it remotely. Based in the West Midlands, we are usually never more than 30 minutes away from our clients

Lightning Fast Response Times

When it comes IT Support, we have a reputation of being one of the fastest companies in the midlands for response times.

Diverse Offerings

While we started with just PC support. We now offer everything from SEO to video content and beyond.

Unsurpassed Reputation

With over two decades of experience and customers that have been with us for years. It’s no surprise that our reputation is as good as it is.

A Few of Our clients

Prusa MK3S Upgrade? The PitStop Extruder.

This post will be applying to the Prusa MK3S specifically but it can be applied to other variants and clones.You can find my thoughts on the stock printer here. In my previous review about the Prusa MMU2S, I mentioned that I had installed a PitStop Extruder on my printer to

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Fake News! – How An Old Scam Has Resurfaced.

Lets look at an old fashioned phishing email. An old, old, phishing scam is the fake email attachment and one we have not seen for a while is the fax! A lot of companies no longer have a fax machine but can receive emails through online fax services through their

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PrusaSlicer And You

First of all, what is slicing? Slicing in our context of 3D printing is where the program takes a 3D model you give it and “slices” it into layers that can be printed. This is where support material, infill and perimeters are generated          . 3D printing has two fronts you

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Over 22 years of IT Support in the community, using the best tools available to provide support to a level you expect and to help reduce the effects of cybercrime

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To provide excellent service and support to our clients in a freindly way that is simple to understand and transparent with reliable cybersecurity in a stable easily managed environment

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