If you are looking for an IT support service with a difference in the West Midlands, then PC Support Midlands is the one-stop-shop for everything you need in the name of support.

Why are we so different? Well, unlike other IT support companies out there, we don’t strictly deal with contracted support, sure, we offer this as we know there are many companies out there that will need it, but over the last two decades, we have realised that ad-hoc support is just as important.

So, whether you are having problems with your server, laptop, computer or even tablet, drop us a message via our quick chat in the bottom right corner of your screen, or give us a call and we will provide a consultation free of charge.

If after the initial consultation you find that you require a support session, we can get everything set up for you, from connection to payments and, of course, we will do everything in our power to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Remember, it matters not whether it’s work or play, PC Support Midlands have a reputation of offering some of the fastest and most reliable IT support around, so what are you waiting for?

If there is one lesson we have learned from our customers over the years; it’s this. When it comes to IT support, the best service will be the one that can fix the problem the fastest.

So, taking this into account, here at PC Support Midlands, we have put a lot of time and effort into sourcing the best software we can for our remote support sessions. 

PC Support Midlands are proud to use Splashtop, a fast, secure remote system that can get us connected to you in under a minute. What’s more, it matters not whether you have an issue with you PC, Mac, tablet or phone, our software is suitable for all.

When we connect to your device, we will be able to see everything you can see, but worry not, we won’t make any changes unless you need or want us to. 

By having access to software like this, it gives us a clear route into identifying your problem and in many cases, we can even solve the problem right from within the software if that is what you require.

Finally, with PC Support Midlands, we offer both ad-hoc and time banked remote sessions, both of these methods have their advantages for certain users, but if you are unclear about what would suit you best, you can either live chat with us or drop us a quick call.

Over the years, PC Support Midlands have developed some very long-lasting relationships with our customers, and this is mainly down to our on-site support service.


Unlike many other businesses in our industry, we have a completely different approach to on-site support, we get to know our customers. Nowadays, we have noticed that so many IT support businesses think that problems can be solved by always attaching the same solution, at PC Support Midlands, we think outside the box.


When it comes to on-site support, we know that every customer is different, and many times a single error can have many different solutions. Rather than fiddle around and play guessing games, we get to know our customers and find out what is more than likely the cause of the issue.


By doing things this way, PC Support Midlands has built a vast customer base that knows they can rely on us to not only fix their issue but also do it in the best way.


As part of our on-site service, PC Support Midlands is also able to provide upgrades, planned maintenance and network inspections. So as you can see, no matter what you may need for your business or home, get in touch and see how we can help.


We also provide a range of other services, from hardware, software and SEO services. However, our prime aim is to build relationships with our clients for the long term. 

Get in touch, lets work together.

“I am always glad to have PC Support on hand to give excellent, friendly and reliable support”

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About us

Over 22 years of IT Support in the community, using the best tools available to provide support to a level you expect and to help reduce the effects of cybercrime

Our mission

To provide excellent service and support to our clients in a freindly way that is simple to understand and transparent with reliable cybersecurity in a stable easily managed environment

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