Remote Support Services

Our remote support solutions are incredibly flexible. We can offer a range of remote services. Keep reading to learn how using our system will help you keep upto date, know when things might go wrong and keep communicating and most importantly, keep on working. We charge per 15 minutes for remote and telephone support that is not covered by service contract and we invoice at the end of each month for support. We do this using the Spiceworks Helpdesk solution. This flexible tool allows us to accurately keep track of what work we are doing and to make sure the right agent is allocated to you to give you the best results. Tickets allocated to remote support are billed to the quarter hour, each time an update to an ongoing ticket is made, you will receive an email keeping you informed.  We bill at the end of each month for support and will invoice for both closed and time allocated to ongoing tickets.

Opening a Remote Support Session

You can open a support session with us very easily. We have an excellent response rate to any support request and will always work hard towards a solution for you. Any of these ways will work. Call us on 01922 332310  Go to our ticket system at Email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

SOS - Our Support System

Our SOS system can help us carry out remote support sessions to Servers, computers, laptops, tablets and phones. Using it was can provide remote support, we can see what you can see and so we can easily understand a problem and start work straight away to get it fixed. Clicking the buttons above this text when advised to by one of our agents will start a remote session and lead to the resolution to whatever query or problem you are having.

WorkingFrom Home

Working from home has always been an important part of business for many employees and business owners. Our system allows for simple setup in minutes to give a user access to thier computer and to be able to work as if they were sitting in front of it. That means there's no need for an expensive second sysem, no additional licences for software that are duplicated and no retraining. Most important of all though, company data stays on the company computer. Incredibly, you can access your PC from a tablet or phone using our system so in a pinch, you can work from anywhere, at any time.

RMM - Remote Monitoring and Management

We use the Solarwinds RMM. Knowing when things are going wrong is important, but what if you know before they do? We can set up alerts and monitoring that will tell us if the system is failing, resources are running out and much more. Set up in minutes for peace of mind that your system is going to be more reliable and cause fewer problems. It's all part of our system from Splashtop business solutions. If we do find a problem. we'll raise a ticket and start to fix it straight away, making sure you know what is happening every step of the way. We've got you covered.