Teleworking / Working From Home

Need to work from home? Easy! The same system we use for remote monitoring and unattended access can be used for teleworking. A simple licence upgrade to allow us to add on users and hey presto! You’re ready to go. Need to access some or all of the monitored computers in your network, no problem. Teleworking can take many forms, it might be a whole day remotely connected to the office computer, it might be an emergency connection from your phone for a critical piece of data. Of that is easy to do and easy to setup.

Cloud Services?

We provide a range of Cloud Services. Principally we provide these through two systems. We are proud to be partners with SolarWinds and Splashtop. SolarWinds provide RMM services at all levels from phone, to workstation to server with monitoring on any network device. We also provide cloud backup services through Solarwinds and we can do anything from simple cloud document backups of PCs right through disaster recovery strategies for servers. Splashtop is vitally important too! We provide remote access for clients at a fraction of the cost of services such as LogMeIn. Our Ad-hoc support also relies on attended access support for client computers too.

Antivirus and Malware Protection

We recently signed up to Malwarebytes brand new MSP program. We have been with Malwarebytes for a few years. Their business offerings, Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Defense and Response are managed in a cloud service portal for each client but very cleverly, there is a top level portal where we can easily manage all of our clients from one place.  From there we can easily see whether a computer is fighting off an attack, needs an update, a restart and much more. Why is this so good? Well, most centrally managed systems have a console per client, but you have to rely on either checking that portal or wading through a flood of emails about every event. One central console tells us everything at a glance and allows us to easily drop in and out of the client consoles to attend to any issues.

Unattended Remote Support

In addition, the very same systems for network monitoring can also be used to carry out unattended remote access to computers we monitor. We can carry out ‘out of hours’ maintenance, keeping your computers in action through the working day.

Microsoft 365 / Office365

The Office365 (Now Microsoft365) cloud service is the premium platform for many services but the most widely used is email through the Microsoft’s cloud based exchange servers. Exchange has been around for years and for most companies is the first choice for reliability and flexibility. With the addition of the Microsoft Office suite of programs and a wide choice of licences to suit most choices, they have made a system that is easy to use, easy to manage and in our opinion, the gold standard of office systems. If you are thinking of changing to Microsoft 365 or having problems, we are the guys to sort it out for you. From managing the domain to helping with the spam filtering to helping choose the best licencing, we’ll help make sure everything is working well.

Remote Support and Troubleshooting

The cornerstone of all IT support is remote support. We don’t try and use a free system like a lot of companies. We use our SolarWinds RMM system to monitor and maintain system health of our clients computers where required.
No issues with connectivity and no compromises! From a single button on our website, we can set up remote support in moments and quickly get to the bottom of a problem or simply help with a bit of onscreen help and advice. 

Remote Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is easy for us. We can provide agent software. Installed on every PC, it gives us plenty of options to help. Firstly, monitoring your systems, we can be alerted to computers that are struggling with low resources such as memory or disk space. In addition, we can be alerted to a whole host of potential problems like early warning of hard disk failure or a piece of software that stops responding. We can easily fine tune the alerting to suit your requirements so we can keep on top of everything.

Remote support, Instant IT support to our clients.

Remote support is a crucial way of getting IT help during this current crisis. However, it’s not new. Support Midlands has been carrying out remote support on computers since 1997. In those days, things were different. There was no internet to speak of, access was through a normal telephone line

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Poor .STL file quality and scale?

when you are making your own designs for 3D printing, you may find yourself plagued by low poly .STL files. What was once a beautiful sweeping curve is changed to ugly jagged squares when you try to slice it. the above image isnt too bad but it can get much

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