Support Contracts to suit your needs

Standardised support plans

Our plans follow three standardised formats, bronze, silver gold. But don't worry, we will tailor every plan to fit your needs

friendly technicians

Experienced technicians provide IT technical support with the aim of making it as easy as possible to communicate and resolve problems.

Outsourced IT Support

We can become your IT Department, managing every aspect of your IT needs, or, we can act to support your existing IT department.

Excellent response rates

we will respond to any critical problem quickly and efficiently. Our aim is to respond to every problem in less than two hours.

Choose the perfect IT support plan

We offer three basic packages but we will tailor your needs to come up with the best solution for you.


from £12 per month per computer our bronze package will give you peace of mind and because so many people now work from home we offer extended hours


From £19 per month our silver package includes remote monitoring and managed antivirus for each computer


From £27 Per Month. Medium to large organisations tend to require a more comprehensive package of support and maintenance,

Frequently asked questions

You are probably looking at this because you are not happy with the contract you currently have. We will help you in any way we can, if that means helping get you out of your contract, seeing you through to the end of the old contract and making a smooth transition, then 

We built three basic templates for our contracts but we will tailor each contract to meet the needs of the client. This gives maximum flexibility of choice and means we can competitively offer a package that suits your needs. We never forget that you are the customer and its your needs that are paramount.

We like to think we are a bit different. We started business way back when Windows 95 was the ‘go to’ operating system and over the years have provided support to our customers and expanded the suite of tools and services we can offer to them. But, more importantly, we are open and friendly and want to see you succeed. We want to help with that, not get in the way.

Its a really good question and it really depends on your circumstances. A contract means you can budget your IT expenses more easily and you know what you are getting. However, we understand that you may not want one so also offer pre-paid support where you bank hours of time with us. You still get the same great level of support but you are not tied in any way to us.

Sometimes, we can’t help but use jargon because its important to be clear about what we are offering. Here are a few examples and what they mean:

Cloud Document Backup: We can for a very low price backup all the common documents types on all computers. e.g. Word, Excel & other office documents, PDF’s images and more.

Cloud Backup: We can do a customised backup ranging from specific files of any type to full images of a computer including the system state.

Disaster Recovery: Genuine disaster recovery requires not only backing up but testing and even being able to restore a critical device to a virtual image to make sure that in the event of disaster, downtime is as near to zero as possible.

Of course, we keep the jargon to a minimum but we will happily explain exactly what each and every feature of an IT Support contract entails.

Well, we like to think, very well indeed!

We use a set of tools through leading technology providers such as Malwarebytes, Solarwinds, Splashtop and others. These tools allow us to provide cutting edge support and protection accross the entire range of our customer base.

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