Remote support is a crucial way of getting IT help during this current crisis. However, it’s not new. Support Midlands has been carrying out remote support on computers since 1997. In those days, things were different. There was no internet to speak of, access was through a normal telephone line and speeds, if we were lucky were 56kpbs. A far cry from a normal fibre line of 50 or 60Mbps.

So, we have been providing IT support remotely for our customers for a long time and over that time the technology has evolved considerably. Now we provide a suite of remote packages that allow us to provide remote support and allow clients to access thier own computers remotely.

How does remote support work?

Remote support is a simple secure way of seeing or operating a remote computer. Being able to see the clients screen make a huge difference

We use two methods, first there is our premium support tool Splashtop SOS which gives us loads of great features to help quickly resolve problems.

Secondly, we use Microsoft Quick Assist which is built into new versions of Windows 10.

Schematic flow of connections when a Quick Assist session is established

Quick assist is limited in some ways. Splashtop SOS however allows us to support everything, MAC, PC, IOS and Android. We can remotely connect and help resolve problems on just about any computer and handheld device.

Wait! There’s more!

In addition to support, we also provide unattended access using Splashtop Business Access . We can also provide you with a way to remotely access your computers using Splashtop Business Access, it’s a lot cheaper than LogMeIn and GoToMyPC with all of the same features.

If you want to run a trial of Splashtop Business Access or need help with any problem, get in touch with us today. You can use the chat button at the bottom of this page.

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