The Complete SEO Guide Some Businesses Don’t Want You To See – Part One

Oh, the wonderful world of SEO, it’s something that we hear about all the time, whether you run a blog from home or business, you will surely hear those three little letters crop up often. Now, while you may be more than familiar with the term SEO, you should ask yourself one thing “Do I […]

So, You Think You’re Great With Puzzles? Let’s Just See Shall We!

If you have found this post, then you have accepted our challenge. Below you will find a cipher, now be warned, this one cipher contains a mix of three popular cryptography methods and no key is required. This has been designed with all of you puzzle heads in mind, so have some fun, pass it […]

Starting A Business? Don’t Ignore These Simple Tech Solutions.

So, you’re thinking about starting a business, now you may have a ton of business knowledge stored in your attic of expertise, but do you have enough awareness of tech solutions to make things run as smoothly as possible?. Now, while you may be thinking that you need nothing more than just a computer, you […]

Windows Updates – How To Fix

Windows 10 regularly updates itself and you really don’t have a choice about that. There are however way to delay updates for a while and there are ways to fix problems with Windows Updates. At PC Support Midlands, one of the recurring events we occasionally see is that updates have stuck part way through. A […]

Why Splashtop Could Be The Answer To All Of Your IT Support Needs

When it comes to modern-day remote support, you do have your fair share of options. The trouble is, with so much to choose from, you will often find yourself not knowing which way to turn. Now, given all the options on the market today, when you come to choose as to what would be best […]

Why Google Analytics Is The Free Tool You SHOULD Be Using

Google Analytics is a free tool that is offered by Google that can give you a better understanding and more in-depth knowledge of the traffic flowing to your website. While your analytics does not wholly define your digital presence, they are a massive part of your digital presence and having a sophisticated awareness can be […]