Fake News! – How An Old Scam Has Resurfaced.

Lets look at an old fashioned phishing email. An old, old, phishing scam is the fake email attachment and one we have not seen for a while is the fax! A lot of companies no longer have a fax machine but can receive emails through online fax services through their IP phone systems. This is […]

Smooth Transitions In IT Support

It’s true for any business that you’ll take work on that has been carried out previously by a competitor.  In IT, you are often picking up where a previous IT company has left off and this can go very well, very badly or anything inbetween.  We are very lucky that it nearly always goes well […]

OneDrive for Business – Removing Shares and Disconnecting from Shared folders

Once you are successfully connecting to OneDrive for Business shared folders, you may want to remove access to a user, disconnect from a set of data shared to you and most importantly understand what happens to a set of shared data once permission to access it is removed. In my previous post I have described […]

OneDrive for Business – Syncing another users files to your computer.

This is another post on how OneDrive for Business works. The reason for the posts is that it can appear a little difficult to master. There are reasons for this which I will cover in a later post. In My previous posts I have covered the following subjects Why OneDrive is a good choice for […]

OneDrive for Business – Sharing Files with other users.

OneDrive for Business is a great cloud storage option and as mentioned in previous posts, if you are already using Office365, there’s a good chance you already have OneDrive for Business cloud storage available as part of your paid for plan. With 1Tb of storage it’s a bit of a no brainer. This post covers how […]

OneDrive For Business – Version History and Deleting / Restoring Files

This short post will cover the two ways to recover different versions of files stored in OneDrive For Business. See my previous posts on why OneDrive for Business is a good choice and How to see the Status of OneDrive for Business files and folders. Using the Windows Explorer The most obvious way to get […]

OneDrive For Business– Checking your Status

From my previous post on OneDrive, this is a quick summary of how to identify the status of your OneDrive account and how to change the status of files stored in OneDrive. My other posts include version history and restoring files as well as sharing files with other users. OneDrive for Business uses a range […]

OneDrive for Business – Surprisingly Good Cloud Storage

If you use Microsoft 365 (Office 365) for email you probably already have OneDrive for Business as part of your plan, It’s a much underused resource, giving secure team access to a variety of data in the Microsoft 365 portal. Please see this post about checking the status of your OneDrive files OneDrive for Business […]