In the latest updates to Windows, Microsoft have released the video app Meet Now. they have handily placed it at the bottom of the taskbar so you can see it. This feature has been around for

Using the video is simple and it’s easy to see that its based around Skype. However, you can use it without logging into Skype. Let’s get going. clicking the icon on the taskbar gives you the option of starting a meeting (Meet Now) or joining a meeting.

What’s the difference? If you Meet Now, Skype will run and generate a code. you can share this code to anyone and it supports multiple attendees.

You can click Share Invite and you get a range of options to share but you can simply copy and paste the link into an email.

Anyone clicking the link will see a web page like this. You simply enter a name and join the meeting. You don’t need a Skype account although I am sure Microsoft would love you to have one.

Once joined, you can see your contact. This is the small window shown below.

When you’re chatting, you can reduce or increase the window size, this is particularly useful if you are working and chatting at the same time.

You can use the features along the bottom of the main window. there are a few really useful tools here. I am going to work through them now.

And that is the whistle stop tour of Meet Now, the Microsoft reworking of Skype for Business. Is it better than Zoom? right now, I would say no. however, it is much improved in this release. Previously chatting with more than three people could be a problem. Microsoft seem to have improved the bandwidth and the voice and video quality is excellent. In our recent tests, it’s better than Teams for voice. I think for many people though, not having to have an account is a good thing in these days of privacy issues.

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