Over the years, SEO has been one of those things used by companies the world over to baffle people with BS and extract money from them, without ever actually taking the time to explain what the hell is going on.

It matters not whether you are on an SEO website, or even scrolling through Facebook, you would have seen something, somewhere telling you that they have the next big thing in the world of SEO.

Well, we are here to tell you that each and every one of them is trying to lead you down the wrong path.

When it comes to basic SEO, keeping things simple is the best way to do this, and the number one way to do this? well it’s all about content.

Over the years, we have all heard the term “content is king” right? Well, without jumping on a BS bandwagon, it really is and nowadays, no content is more valuable to you than video.

The first thing we should say is that in no way are blog posts and web content obsolete, in fact, they are far from it. Video on the other hand is now the way forward.

Why is video so important? Well, in truth, it’s simply because we are lazy beings. For many people we want easy, digestible information quickly and if we have the option to watch something rather than read it, then we absolutely will.

Hopefully, the following infographic will go a long way to stimulate your visual cortex and show you why cracking the content code with video is the future of SEO and could be the very best thing your company ever does.

Infographic Design By Digital Vidya

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