It matters not if you run a blog, home-based web business or a chain of eCommerce stores, if you want to see some success, you better get to grips with some of the best marketing techniques available.

While marketing was at one point in the past quite a generic thing, now, there are specific routes that must be taken so your business can see success. In this post, we are going to be taking a look at just a few of these marketing tools and how they could work for you.

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How Marketing Has Changed

While a couple of decades ago, marketing was an advertisement in the local press or even a flyer through a door or two, this is now a medieval way of marketing, and technology has armed us with better tools for advertising.

When it comes to modern-day marketing, we are able to target our demographic directly, and we can design individual strategies for the market we are aiming at. All being said, technology has opened up so many windows when it comes to marketing, it’s an incredible thing for the business world.

Content Is King

One of the most important things when it comes to advertising nowadays will always be creating content

Content is one of those things that, when done correctly, will just reach out and grab people. The reason content is so effective is that it simply doesn’t try and sell you anything. Creating content nowadays is simply about building trust and letting potential consumers know that you want to give them something for free just to help them.

If your content is well created you will find that when the people you have reached previously have a problem and cannot find a solution, you will often be their first port of call.

Use Social Media

Another incredibly important tool at your disposal is the magic that is social media. Social media may be an absolute pain for some people and a hive of the occasional piece of tripe, but for business owners, social media is a wonderland of opportunity.

On the whole, there are 2.65 billion people who use social media; you can target specific demographics from these with ease, and setting up a campaign is incredibly simple.

Many people will often ask what is the best social media platform to use, and the truth is that you should use any and all where possible. YouTube is great for putting a face to your business, Instagram is ideal for the visual generation and Facebook is amazing to target a tailored group of people.

Don’t Forget To Monitor Your Failures.

When it comes to your marketing, one of the tools you should be using is some form of analytics monitor. 

These simple and often free tools will help you determine how your website is performing, the behaviour of visitors, and also where the bulk of the traffic is coming from. Having access to all of these statistics will help you see not only where the issues are with your website, but they will also help determine how a PPC campaign may be performing.

While most people try to use analytics tools to improve things, this isn’t strictly what they are for. Essentially, they are to help you identify your wrongdoings.

One of the biggest issues nowadays is that these tools can be incredibly tasking to get your head around, and many business owners just do not have the time, in times like these, you should be looking for consultants and companies that can help you out, yes, it may be a small outlay of cash, but it will provide a huge saving of your time, and your time is money.


When looking at what your business is capable of, the one thing you shouldn’t do is restrict yourself by using archaic means of advertising. Yes, we know that your business may have been around a while, but remember this, people will tell you the sky is the limit.

Well, what if we told you that the sky isn’t your limit, in fact, it’s not even half way.

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