Patch Tuesday occurs each month for Microsoft products and this one is especially important to take note of. Windows security patches are critical to the saftey of the operating system and to your data.

Windows Security

Critical Patch Alert

This month there are at least 111 vulnerabilities that are to be patched and three of these are classed as critical.

The entire list of patches can be found here. However three vulnerabilities in particular are particularly worrying as in very specific circumstances a computer could be taken over at admin level.

CVE-2020-1056 – Microsoft Edge Elevation of Privilege VulnerabilityCVE-2020-1059 – Microsoft Edge Spoofing VulnerabilityCVE-2020-1096 – Microsoft Edge PDF Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

While Windows does update itself on a regular basis, its wise to know how to force an update to occur. It’s amazingly simple to to do this following the instructions below.

Click the Windows flag or Start button and start typing the word ‘update’.

The search tool will find Windows updates for you and you need to click onto this.

When Windows updates opens, it will show a summary and you will see the option to check for updates. Windows may already have updates ready to install like in the image, either way, use the option to push the updates into action.

Remember to check that Windows Update is showing as up to date and that Windows does not require a restart to complete the update.

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