Why, when the world seems to be on its knees, are there people out there rubbing their hands together?

Things can seem to be be very difficult at the moment with our troubled times and some businesses are suffering more than others. It’s easy to become despondent when everything seems to be going wrong but maybe its time to step back and look at what is going right. Are there opportunities that you are missing?

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Now is the time to plan, not to panic!

Plan for the worst: Backup data any data loss can be a critical blow for a business and expensive. Document your inventory and assets, know where everything is and who has it. Be insured. Keep employees informed, make sure lines of communication are kept open both ways. Invest in supplies of essential things, this could be anything essential to the business, from emergency supplies for cleaning to that laptop you were meaning to buy. Talk to your customers, keep them informed of what is happening and how you are being affected and lastly know who to contact in any given situation. Keep a list of clients, employees and vendors to hand.

So, you have your plan in place, now what?

Well, that depends but let’s take a look at what we’re doing at PC Support Midlands.

Is it working? Yes! We are bringing back old customers and getting new ones so we think the time spent planning has been well spent so far.

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