Remote support, Instant IT support to our clients.

Remote support is a crucial way of getting IT help during this current crisis. However, it’s not new. Support Midlands has been carrying out remote support on computers since 1997. In those days, things were different. There was no internet to speak of, access was through a normal telephone line and speeds, if we were […]

Fake News! – How An Old Scam Has Resurfaced.

Lets look at an old fashioned phishing email. An old, old, phishing scam is the fake email attachment and one we have not seen for a while is the fax! A lot of companies no longer have a fax machine but can receive emails through online fax services through their IP phone systems. This is […]

OneDrive For Business – Add shortcuts to folders

Microsoft OneDrive for Business had a new feature rolled out, finally going live worldwide a few months ago. The new explorer icon with blue brackets shown here denotes a shortcut folder. You can see our other blogs on OneDrive here: From my previous posts on OneDrive, this is a quick summary of how to identify the […]

Why Using The Same Password Is A Really Bad Idea!

A simple explanation – why you NEVER use the same password twice We’re all useless at passwords and security. Who hasn’t used one password for multiple logins? We all hear the most used password is a variation on the word password!!! People often think that using a variation of their password in different places is […]

Microsoft Quick Assist – an amazingly simple tool to help your friends!

Microsoft Quick Assist is a built-in tool in Windows 10 that allows a user to get help or provide help to another windows 10 user. Let’s take a look at what it is and how it works. SPOILER ALERT: I really can’t help feeling that we are going to start seeing scammers using this tool […]

Windows FREE video chat feature – will it beat Zoom?

In the latest updates to Windows, Microsoft have released the video app Meet Now. they have handily placed it at the bottom of the taskbar so you can see it. This feature has been around for Using the video is simple and it’s easy to see that its based around Skype. However, you can use […]

Smooth Transitions In IT Support

It’s true for any business that you’ll take work on that has been carried out previously by a competitor.  In IT, you are often picking up where a previous IT company has left off and this can go very well, very badly or anything inbetween.  We are very lucky that it nearly always goes well […]