Work From Home: Business Access Pro

£72.00 Exc VAT

You can work from home using our Splashtop Business service. See below for all the features.


Price per user per year.




Work From Home: Business Access Pro

If you need to work from home by connecting to your office computer, this is the service for you. Splashtop Business connects you to work by giving you remote access to up to ten of your computers.

A simple installation at workplace and on the home computer create a secure, safe and reliable connection so you can be up and working in seconds.

The best part is that all the workplace data stays at work. The home computer shows the desktop of the work computer with all the familiarity of knowing just where all your stuff is! There’s no syncing of data and no VPN.

  • View multiple remote monitors simultaneously, including true multi-to-multi screen.
  • Two users can remote into the same computer
  • Manage multiple users in teams
  • Share your desktop via web link
  • Chat
  • Remote wake
  • Remote reboot


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