Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection (EP)

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Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is designed to block malware before it infects the endpoint computer. It will detect and remove malware quickly and quietly before it has a chance to cause any damage.



Agent architected for performance: Many endpoint security platforms stuff endpoints with an ever-increasing store of malware signatures and slow performance with brute-force scanning algorithms. In contrast, Malwarebytes uses a single, low footprint agent that quickly pinpoints and blocks malicious code from running without impacting device performance.
Comprehensive web protection: Our web protection technology proactively prevents users from accessing malicious sites, malvertising, scammer networks, and suspect URLs, as well as downloading potentially unwanted programs and potentially unwanted modifications.
Hardened devices and apps: Malwarebytes hardens your devices by blocking exploits, stopping remote code execution, and breaking communication with hostile malware servers to dramatically reduce your organization’s attack surface.
Behavioural-based blocking: Our behaviour-based analysis provides near real-time identification of behaviour that is undeniably hostile and automatically blocks the threat, delivering the most proactive protection on the market today.
Zero-day prevention: Malwarebytes applies signatureless payload analysis and anomaly detection to proactively identify and block malware attempting to exploit hidden vulnerabilities in your organization’s operating systems and applications.

The right type of machine learning: Instead of training on malware, the Malwarebytes model is trained to recognize good ware—properly signed code from known vendors. The result is a predictive malware verdict that becomes increasingly faster to determine and incrementally more precise.
Fastest threat intelligence on the market: Benefit from Malwarebytes detection and remediation intelligence collected from millions of corporate and consumer-protected endpoints.
Even brand-new, unidentified malware is typically eliminated before it can impact your endpoints.
Unified detection funnel catches more threats: Malwarebytes applies behavioural monitoring and machine learning to profile threats across web, memory, application, and files. Successive
learnings along the detection funnel provide increasingly higher detection rates with increasingly lower false positives.
Traces the infection, maps the removal: The Malwarebytes Linking Engine traces every installation, modification, and process instantiation— including in-memory executables that other antimalware packages miss—mapping a complete picture
of the threat that enables full remediation.
Lethal “one-and-done” remediation: Applying in-depth insights from the Linking Engine, Malwarebytes thoroughly and permanently removes both the infection and any artifacts, delivering lethal
“one-and-done” remediation.




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