Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection & Response (EPDR)15 Day Trial

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Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response is the premium product in the Malwarebytes range offering Ransomware rollback for up to 72 hours, remote isolation in case of infection and centralised management.



Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection & Response: Why not take out a free trial of our fully managedpremium service. With all the features of the full version, take advantage of the chance to have a look at the product in action at no cost.


You need to get compromised endpoints back online quickly. Our product enables you to isolate, investigate, and remediate, including ransomware rollback, in just a few clicks. Plus, our insightful threat hunting capabilities empower you to investigate and either whitelist approved software or drill down into suspicious behaviour.
Guided investigation: Our guided threat hunting provides severity-prioritized Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), so you can quickly assess the extent and urgency of a threat. Integrated incident response enables you to isolate and remediate all traces of a threat or exclude activity that you deem is benign—all with clicks, not scripts. Flexibility is maximized by allowing exclusions to be global or per policy.
Granular attack isolation: Our product prevents lateral movement of an attack by allowing isolation of a network segment, of a single device, or of a process on the device. This capability
provides breathing room for the right active response while minimizing impact on the end user.
Thorough remediation: The Malwarebytes proprietary Linking Engine technology maps system changes associated with the malware, thoroughly removes the infection, and returns the endpoints to a truly healthy state.
Flight Recorder search: Flight Recorder captures file, process, network domain, and IP address changes and activities over time for both endpoints and servers. Flight Recorder Search enables
freeform threat hunting across the entire device pool managed by Malwarebytes EDR. It provides advanced search capabilities of MD5 hashes, filenames, network domains, IP addresses, and more. This feature provides the capability to search for specific IoCs that can be mapped to MITRE ATT&CK techniques.
Ransomware rollback: Malwarebytes stores changes to files on the system in a local cache over a 72-hour period. With one click, you can reverse the damage caused by ransomware and restore the device to a healthy, productive state.

Malwarebytes integrates protection with detection, securing endpoints and providing full visibility and control across the attack chain.
Global threat intelligence:
Threat intelligence provides global insights into behavioural heuristics, IoCs, and attack techniques, allowing for constant adaptation of detection and remediation capabilities to address new threats.
Integrated endpoint protection: Our product integrates automated, adaptive detection techniques (including a cloud sandbox) that learn along each stage of the threat detection funnel, providing
continual situational awareness of suspicious activity until a final verdict can be made with precision.
Suspicious activity monitoring: Malwarebytes monitors endpoints, creating a “haystack of data“ in the cloud where a combination of behavioural analysis and machine learning pinpoints any IoC “needles.”
Cloud sandbox: We apply powerful threat intelligence to the cloud sandbox’s deep analysis of unknown threats to increase the precision of threat detection, providing you with pre-packaged analysis of actionable IOCs.



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