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Eye For Detail

When you choose Midland Visuals, you get something that you don't get with other companies, of course, if you are a customer of our partner companies, you know you get a personal service. More than this, when you choose MVP, you get the guarantee that we will capture your vision and transcribe it to video.

Always Know What You Will Pay

One of the best things about using MVP is that you will never be left in the dark when it comes to what the process is going to cost. We offer three services and they all have a flat rate cost. We can either film, edit, or film and edit. Whatever your requirement, we have you covered.

A Timely Service

Another reason you should be choosing MVP is our turnaround times. When we are working on your project, that is what gets our attention until the end. You will never see us managing multiple projects as most companies do. Here at Midland Visuals, we only like to give our full attention to one customer at a time.

Delivered How You Require

Here at Midland Visuals & Productions we understand that when it comes to your final delivery, you may require it in a few ways. Not only can we deliver the work in a variety of formats and extensions. We can also deliver your work either by hand, digitally or even both.

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Frequently asked questions

When it comes to the projects we take on here at MVP, we know our strengths, we specialise in talking head, documentary, and B-roll style advertising footage. 

If you have any requests, then don’t be afraid to get in touch, if we cannot help you, we will surely be able to put you in touch with somebody that can

At Midland Visuals, there are occasions where we will consider multi-day projects. However, if the project requires a location arrangement over the days, then other charges may be applied to the day rate to cater for accomodation.

Well, when it comes to videography, we take a brand new approach. We know our strengths and we never take on something that falls outside of our remit. 

When you choose MVP, you get more than a video project, we even offer services via our sister company that can allow you to use your video content to drive traffic to your business.

You may not believe this, but video content is now the number one way to get your companies name out there. Here at MVP, we can help you tailor a video to your companies requirements and also work with you to get the best possible campaign launched after the video project has completed.

If you have any further enquiries at all, you can get in touch at the base of the page via our contact form.

 We Offer Corporate Video Package Solutions To Suit Every Budget!

Below are just our most popular packages, but do not be fooled into thinking that these are your only solutions. Here at MVP we are able to sit down with you and create bespoke packages to meet your requirements. We understand that some jobs may require only a small amount of work, and some, well they may require a lot more. So, whatever the message you are trying to get across, why not sit down with Midland Visuals & Productions and let us find the best way to get your message across.

The One With The Editing

If you have the footage, we will edit it
  • Fully Colour Graded
  • Music Matched
  • Priced Per Project
  • All Additions Are Copyright Free

The One With The Filming

If we film it, they will come
  • Multi Angle Filming
  • Gimbal Stabilised
  • Non-Intrusive
  • Production Design Included

The One Where We Do It All

Not only will we film it, we'll edit it too
  • Everything You Get With Editing Package
  • Everything From Filming Package
  • Project Brief & Design
  • Content SEO Advice

We Also Offer Small Traffic Boosting Comic Relief For Those That Want To Make A Lasting Impression.

As you will be able to see below, these are a few of our traffic boosting short videos. We write the script, provide the editing and create something that will stay with people for a long time. If this is something you would like us to do for you at MVP. Contact us now on 01922 332 310

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Whether you are looking for content for you your YouTube channel, website, or a simple advertorial, Midland Visual & Productions are here for you.

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