The 3D Printer that just works, Prusa Research I3 MK3S.

It is worth mentioning before anything else, preparing parts to be printed requires a computer with a way interact with the full size SD card and a free copy of Prusaslicer. I will be detailing Prusaslicer in a future post. This will be an overview of the Prusa I3 MK3S, (you can get your own […]

OneDrive For Business – Add shortcuts to folders

Microsoft OneDrive for Business had a new feature rolled out, finally going live worldwide a few months ago. The new explorer icon with blue brackets shown here denotes a shortcut folder. You can see our other blogs on OneDrive here: From my previous posts on OneDrive, this is a quick summary of how to identify the […]

Prusa Research MMU2S Review.

With the rising popularity of 3d printers, more and more people are finding the limitations of the average printer only being able to use one material at a time. I am quite fond of Prusa’s solution to this. MMU2S stands for Multi Material Unit, this is their improved version 2. This device allows Prusa printers […]

Microsoft Quick Assist – an amazingly simple tool to help your friends!

Microsoft Quick Assist is a built-in tool in Windows 10 that allows a user to get help or provide help to another windows 10 user. Let’s take a look at what it is and how it works. SPOILER ALERT: I really can’t help feeling that we are going to start seeing scammers using this tool […]

Windows FREE video chat feature – will it beat Zoom?

In the latest updates to Windows, Microsoft have released the video app Meet Now. they have handily placed it at the bottom of the taskbar so you can see it. This feature has been around for Using the video is simple and it’s easy to see that its based around Skype. However, you can use […]

Missing emails from your inbox? It’s likely you are being scammed.

If you have missing emails from your Inbox, take action now. If you are missing emails from your mailbox, emails you expected but of which there is no sign, there is a good chance your account has been compromised. this is not the same sort of problem I detailed in a recent blog about Sent […]

Microsoft Outlook – Sent Emails Not Visible In Sent Items

We have recently become aware that in some cases, after Outlook updates, new emails that are sent are not being stored in the Sent Items folder. This should be considered a critical problem by most people but as most of us don’t look in Sent Items very often, we may be assuming that emails are […]

Microsoft365. How to delete a user.

Alan here. In this guide we will be going through how to delete users and share their mailbox with another user. This is a must if you have someone leave but you want to keep their emails accessible for other users. This will also free up a license for another user. You can just remove […]