Poor .STL file quality and scale?

when you are making your own designs for 3D printing, you may find yourself plagued by low poly .STL files. What was once a beautiful sweeping curve is changed to ugly jagged squares when you try to slice it. the above image isnt too bad but it can get much much worse to the point […]

Prusa MK3S Upgrade? The PitStop Extruder.

This post will be applying to the Prusa MK3S specifically but it can be applied to other variants and clones.You can find my thoughts on the stock printer here. In my previous review about the Prusa MMU2S, I mentioned that I had installed a PitStop Extruder on my printer to help with loading, this is […]

PrusaSlicer And You

First of all, what is slicing? Slicing in our context of 3D printing is where the program takes a 3D model you give it and “slices” it into layers that can be printed. This is where support material, infill and perimeters are generated          . 3D printing has two fronts you need to work with to […]

The 3D Printer that just works, Prusa Research I3 MK3S.

It is worth mentioning before anything else, preparing parts to be printed requires a computer with a way interact with the full size SD card and a free copy of Prusaslicer. I will be detailing Prusaslicer in a future post. This will be an overview of the Prusa I3 MK3S, (you can get your own […]

Prusa Research MMU2S Review.

With the rising popularity of 3d printers, more and more people are finding the limitations of the average printer only being able to use one material at a time. I am quite fond of Prusa’s solution to this. MMU2S stands for Multi Material Unit, this is their improved version 2. This device allows Prusa printers […]

Microsoft365. How to delete a user.

Alan here. In this guide we will be going through how to delete users and share their mailbox with another user. This is a must if you have someone leave but you want to keep their emails accessible for other users. This will also free up a license for another user. You can just remove […]

Microsoft365. How to share a users mailbox

Alan here, this guide will cover how to share an existing users mailbox with other users. This can be very useful when multiple users need to reference each others information. In this guide, we will be sharing Joe’s account that we created in the last guide with my account. This will mean that I can […]

Microsoft365. How to create a shared mailbox

Alan from Support Midlands here. This guide will show you how to create a shared mailbox from scratch. This is used when you want multiple users to have access to one inbox. Useful for enquiries, sales and purchasing. P.S shared mailboxes do not need a product licence, you can open as many as you like […]

Microsoft365. How to open a shared mailbox

Alan here, this guide only applies to the outlook web app as the windows 10 app will do all this automatically. Remember, it takes around 60 minutes for the shared mailbox to propagate. there are two ways to make a shared mailbox. The most common way is to make a shared mailbox, the other is […]

Microsoft365, How to access the Admin Centre

Alan here, this short guide will show you how to get into the Admin Centre in microsoft365. You’ll need to login if, for instance, you want to add a new user or if you want to manage OneDrive P.S. Don’t forget to make sure your Microsoft 365 is backed up! first step is to login […]