Microsoft OneDrive for Business had a new feature rolled out, finally going live worldwide a few months ago. The new explorer icon with blue brackets shown here denotes a shortcut folder.

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This update, finally rolled out in September 2020 is a great feature that tidies up the OneDrive folder layout when you are accessing folders shared to you.

In a previous post, I showed how when you connect using the Sync button in the web portal, OneDrive will download all synced folders to a separate folder set which is derived from the Organisation Name in the Office365 portal.

NOTE! You can still choose to use the older Sync method on a folder but you have to choose. You can’t add a shortcut and choose to Sync. This is chosen on a shared folder by shared folder basis so you can mix and match the two methods.

This new feature allows you create a shortcut to a shared folder that shows in your personal OneDrive for business folder.

Here is the new option. Note, there is a new icon to denote the way the folder is shared.

You can see in this screenshot that the shared folders have the blue brackets on the folder icon.

Below is the old way that folders appeared when shared.

In the screenshot below you can see the option to Create the shortcut. If you want to sync, you have to click into the shared folder first to see the Sync option appear.

Once you do have a shared folder shortcut in place, removal is easy. Right click the shortcut to remove it. You will notice that you still have the same options for syncing for a normal folder, you can share, store locally and store online only (free up space).

You can see that this new method is somewhat different and there are both advantages and disadvantages.

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