Alan from Support midlands here. This guide will show you how to add one new user into your Microsoft365 account step by step.

Dont forget that it’s impotant to backup your Microsoft 365 data and we can help with that.

First thing needed is to get into the Admin Centre. if you don’t know how yet, you can find our guide here.

inside the Admin Centre in the left of the window there will be a dropdown for Users. From here, select active users then add user.

clicking add user will give you a dropdown list, we will only be covering adding a single user in this instance.

After selecting single user, a window will slide in from the right where you can enter the basic details for the new user as well as some options about setting passwords.

once you have the information and settings you want entered, click next.

The next window is where you select the licence type. more often than not you will want to give the new user an active product license so they can use the features of microsoft365 in its full capacity. You can do this later too.

once done with that, click next. the next window will allow you to select roles and profile information, in this case we will leave it blank as Mr Joe Blogs unfortunately does not exist.

click next when done. this page where you can verify all the information you have entered, I recommend double checking to make sure it is all correct.

clicking finish adding will take you to the final screen where it shows you the user information. from here, you can make a template but we aren’t getting into that right now.

clicking close will take you back to the active users page where you will see your new user in the list

And that’s all there is to it folks.

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