Over the last few months, so many businesses have taken a hit, but personally I have seen a few businesses really try to take advantage of the situation and up their branding.

Now, while many people aren’t going to like this, yes, I have seen some grand claims thrown around, as most of you have too, but if you do some due diligence, it’s quite obvious that the branding sucks!

In this post, we are going to be looking at what modern branding actually means and what you NEED to do to get things right.

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Let’s Talk In Facts

When it comes to branding, there are so many people that simply design a logo and a website and run with that. But nowadays, branding needs to be so much more than this.

Modern branding is something that you need to work on every day and believe it or not, when you are doing well, your brand will start to earn you money in different ways.

Here at PC Support Midlands, we like to practice what we preach, so we are going to run a little comparison by you in this section. Below you are going to see our domains progress over the last 3 months. Now, our new domain and entire brand is only 3 months old, so lets take a look at the figures shall we:

figures as of 06/07/20

In this section we are going to focus on two things. The DA (domain authority) of the site, which can be extremely important for SEO and monetisation of your site. We are also going to be looking at the age of the site.

Now, when it comes to DA, while there are no guarantees, when branding is working and the right things are being done with your site, your backlinks, your images, your indexing and any content you put out. You should be expecting to climb around 1 DA point every month (for an average company)

At PC Support Midlands, we put a lot of effort into SEO, Branding and link building. Due to this effort, when our site reaches it’s first level of maturity, we will be able to work with partners and brands and therefore we generate an income simply through our brand.

Now, below, you are going to see companies (with names removed) that are branding, without knowing what they are doing, and failing. Take note of the age and the DA of all the below screenshots.

figures as of 06/07/20
figures as of 06/07/20
figures as of 06/07/20

Now at this point you may have seen a pattern evolving, but do wait, there is more.

Ok, so I may have been holding off on this information for dramatic purposes, but here is a scary truth. At PC Support Midlands, we are taking on companies like this and beating them at every turn…but the information I have left out….

The companies above, are selling themselves as branding agencies, they actually have the cheek to advertise and charge you guys for branding, when they have zero idea what branding really is.

So, What’s The Hook?

The truth is, there isn’t a hook, this blog post isn’t here to sell you on our services, we do what we do, and people come to PC Support Midlands because we can show how we work.

The hook behind this post is simply this, be careful! We live in a world where people are taken down a road they don’t understand by somebody with a broken satnav, and a lot of the time, they won’t be able to help you.

When it comes to branding, there are many things you need to remember, your brand needs constant content, it needs SEO management, you need intrusive advertising, you need hooks, you need catches and you also need slow end non-abrasive clickbait.

building a brand is bloody hard, and you should be building something that is not only true to who you are, it should honest and make you stand out and more than this, you should have days when you are mentally drained from building it. If you’re not, you haven’t got a brand, you have a logo

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