When it comes to myths and things we hear through the grapevine, it seems that social media is an amazing tool for spreading wacko nonsense that some people fall for quite easily.

While it may seem ludicrous to believe, more than 60% of people who read things on social media actually believe what they are reading and take it as gospel.  

In this post, we are going to be looking at some of the fun myths that people still seem to love to believe about their computers.

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  1. Nobody Uses Desktop Computers Anymore

One of the most prominent myths that people still seem to believe when it comes to the wonderful world of PCs is that they are no longer relevant. While there are still many people that think tablets and smartphones have taken over and eradicated the need for desktop PCs, these people could not be further from the truth.

Over the last 5 years, sales of desktop PCs have soared to a whole new level and they are in fact, more popular than ever before. More and more people are abandoning console gaming for PCs and let’s be honest if you are having to work from home, sometimes a laptop just won’t cut the mustard.

  1. RAM Makes Your PC Faster

This is one of those myths that have been doing the rounds for many years, well this as those people that still believe they can “download more RAM.”

The truth is, while in some cases you may need to increase your RAM, say from 8gb to 16gb if you’re a gamer, even 32gb if you are editing. But, if you are using your PC for Microsoft Word, then adding an extra 16gb RAM will do nothing.

To put things simply, let’s look at it this way. Having too much RAM in your PC is tantamount to owning two identical Ferrari’s in the hope that driving just one of them will get you to your destination faster just because you own the second one. 

When it comes to RAM if you are only using 4gb at any given time and you have 32gb, then the extra 28gb is just dormant.

  1. Macs Are Faster Than PCs

It seems that it matters not what social network you find yourself on, you will always come across a little Mac vs PC war somewhere down the line. 

Now, while we understand that there are people who are loyal to both, we have to look at the truth here. Much of the time, when it comes to Macs, they just won’t keep up with PCs when you are looking for something that can handle more demand.

If you are a gamer, then a Mac just isn’t going to work. If you are an editor, well, this is where the debate comes in. While 95% of every editing platform will run smoother and export quicker on a good PC, there are 1 or 2 options for Mac that are great for editing.

The truth is, due to the restrictions with Mac hardware and upgrades, they will never be as fast as a PC, but this shouldn’t take away from how great they can be if you just want a reliable system that looks great.

  1. Formatting A Hard Drive Delete Everything

One of the biggest myths around, and one that many people still believe to this day is that formatting a hard drive is an easy way to remove all of the data.

Well, what if we told you that this is not the case? The truth is if you really want your data gone for good, then you need to dispose of your hard drive via a specialist company. 

So, in some cases, while you may think you can just keep rewriting over the same hard drive, it may be time to think about investing in a new one and scrapping the old one via the proper methods.

You should also note that buying a second-hand HDD is NEVER recommended, after all, you have no way to know it’s history.

  1. Hackers Are Wizards

We have all seen the movie, the nerdy fella gets his chance to shine, so he cracks his knuckles and starts to infiltrate the government’s mainframe. Well, if you have seen this, it’s nothing but a load of “Deja moo.” 

The truth is, hackers aren’t these amazing people you think, in fact, while they can be quite savvy at times, what they are doing is relatively simple. Now, if you think you may have fallen victim to a hacker, then the most important thing you can do is find some IT support

Once you have somebody on your side that knows how these people work, they will get to work securing your data and your system with ease.

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